Remember When - Portraits by Melinda: Blog en-us (C) Remember When - Portraits by Melinda (Remember When - Portraits by Melinda) Sat, 27 May 2017 12:20:00 GMT Sat, 27 May 2017 12:20:00 GMT Remember When - Portraits by Melinda: Blog 80 120 Alexa Diaz- Class of 2017 Meet Alexa, a girl who is near and dear to my heart even if I don't get to see her and her mom as often as I used to.  Alexa is a true beauty, inside and out. She has a heart of gold and an ornery streak that she has inherited from the rest of her family.  I love so many things about this girl, but what  I admire more than anything about her is the fact that she is true to herself and has such a caring heart.  She spent her senior year mentoring special needs students at her school and absolutely loved it.   I can not wait to see  what the future holds for her!


Alexa and I were tossing ideas back and forth about ideas for her senior shoot, and she already knew she wanted pictures taken with her 1983 Crown Victoria.  Other than that, she really wasn't too sure.  I told her I would so some thinking on it, and would get with her in a few days.



After a few days of thinking, a light bulb went off in my head. I just knew we had to get some pictures of Alexa with her Mom's Jeep, but this Jeep is not just "any" Jeep. It belonged to her mom's sister, before she unexpectedly passed away at way too young of an age, and it was her prized possession. I contacted Alexa and asked her if she would like to have pictures done with her Aunt's old Jeep, and she loved the idea. The only catch..we needed to keep it a secret from her mom and grandma so we could surprise them with them when they came to view and pick out their pictures.  I left it up to her and her sneaky sister, Chelsi, to figure out how to get the Jeep past her mom.   It wasn't too hard, from what I understand!  


In true teenage fashion, Alexa called to let me know she was running just a little late and would be at the studio about a half hour later.  Personally, I have to tell you that I 100% fully believe that God fully planned it that way, so that we would be able to capture this gorgeous sunset right as we were leaving the location we were shooting at.  

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Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hinton Although it is true that I don't normally shoot weddings, sometimes you just can't say no. I mean, when a couple is as adorable as this, how can you? Both the bride and the groom are cute as can be, and their outlook on life is simply amazing.   I absolutely love how Richard is looking at his beautiful bride, Sandy, in these pictures.  Their love for each other shines through and through.

What a joy it must be to have such a big family!

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My Brother and his Beautiful, Busy Family! Last weekend, was such a fun-filled weekend. We celebrated my daughter's birthday and had a nice little dinner and visit with my parents and my brother and his family.  Then, it was off to the studio for a short little session.  I love that my sister-in-law has an album that has a specific spot reserved for a family picture once a year. So many families do not realize the importance of getting your portraits taken, and then getting them in print.  

My niece and nephew are adorable, cute, and squirmy!  It may have taken a "few" tries, but we got a family shot.  

One of my favorite images from the whole session, was actually taken while we were trying to get the family gathered for their portrait. (My nephew is one very inquisitive little explorer!)  I happened to turn around, to capture this moment of pure love.

Enjoy them while they are little, and cherish every moment. They grow up so quickly!  I can remember having a portrait taken of my oldest one in a whicker chair just like this, when she was about the same age as my niece.  It is so very hard to believe that the next time I have these two in my studio,  it is most likely that my niece will be walking!  


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Logan- Class of 2017 Meet Logan, a Class of 2017 Senior of many talents!  Logan is just an all around great kid, with an awesome personality.   A couple of years ago, I had the privilege of taking his brother's senior pictures, as well.  Repeat clients are my favorite!  Both kids had such a great attitude. That always makes for a fun session!

Golf is Logan's sport of choice, and I can see why!  I think he could have stood there swinging his golf club all day if we would have let him.  If you see him out on the golf course, watch out!


Golf isn't his only talent, though!  Logan plays both the accoustic and electric guitar.  As you can see, he does love his music!  He is totally in his element. 


What senior session  is complete without a headshot?  I love seeing the guys come in their dress shirts and ties. It's not something you see a whole lot of these days. 

Mom had a special request for the end of a senior session, and this is a first for me.  She wanted a picture of her boy in his work uniform for his first job, an usher at the local movie theatre.  I love that he played along!  Lots of great things are in store for this young man in the future, I am sure.

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It Doesn't Get Much Cuter than This Today I had a couple of the most adorable little kiddos in the studio!  Miss Sylvia was so sweet and was all giggles for me today, which made me SO excited because I have been dying to try this new set out.  (It's what I have had in the plans for MONTHS for preschools!)  

Wyatt wasn't quite as excited to have his pictures taken, but he survived! Apparently, it isn't cool to have your picture taken with your little sister when you are at the ripe old age of six!   I'm so glad he came around, because just look at them! Cute as a button, they are!


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The Martinez Family How lucky am I that my first two blog posts ever are from cousins from both sides of my family?  I was thrilled when I was asked if I was available to photograph my cousin, Angie,  and her beautiful family Sunday night at Sunken Gardens.   It seemed like only yesterday that I was photographing her family of four at Foster Park, when in reality it had been five years. FIVE!  This time, it would be a family of six. A family of six packed with personality! They kept me on my toes, that is for sure! 

Did I mention what a GORGEOUS family this is? 




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My First Blog! Let's Start it With a Bang! For years, my beautiful and artistic cousin, Heidi, and I have talked about getting together for a photo shoot. 

Why, oh why, did we wait so long? 

Heidi fixed her own makeup and put an adjustable waistband in the skirt just minutes before the shoot.  Her super sweet friend, Brandy, helped with the waistband and fixed her well as being just about the best all around assistant EVER!

Heidi seriously looks like she was just pulled out of a fairy tale...


or even a movie!  One thing is for sure, she makes my job look easy.  

More importantly, though, is that she is even more beautiful on the inside.

A little behind the scenes shot is always fun!  Even my little girl, Dazi, joined in and helped out. 


Now, doesn't a parachute dress session look like SO much fun?  

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